Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Snow in the Mountains

Or rather, a wordy Wednesday post.

On the Saturday after Christmas, I took off to the mountains with Koira. A friend and her dog came along for the fun as well. We went to a sno park near a popular skiing destination, and took to the trails on snowshoes.

Ray Benson Snow Park-7959
Dogs with snowshoes

Koira wore her brand new coat that I made her. Waterproof and fleece lined, it still wasn't quite enough to keep her warm when we were standing still.

Ray Benson Snow Park-7871
Shivering in her new coat because we stopped moving

I am trying to remember my new policy- get in the photo. I look back on so many adventures and there are not pictures of me. I want to be able to look back on this trip, and other trips, and see that I was there with my dog and with my friends, not just behind the camera.

Ray Benson Snow Park-7930
This road was closed.

Koira doesn't do a lot of off leash stuff with other dogs anymore, as she has become less tolerant of other dogs as she gets older. Ripp is totally easy going and one of the mellowest dogs ever, though, and these two got along great.

Ray Benson Snow Park-7936
Dogs headed back to check in

And seriously, Ripp is about as adorable as it is possible to be.

Ray Benson Snow Park-7947
Ripp posing in the snow

Even though I rarely take shots that don't have dogs in them, some of the scenery was just too amazing to pass up on this trip.

Ray Benson Snow Park-7948
Close up of a snowy branch overhanging the trail

This is probably my favorite landscape shot I've ever taken. I just love the clouds giving texture to the sky, the mountain in the background, the trees covered in snow, all of it.

Ray Benson Snow Park-7964
Looking back on the trail behind us

I don't think Koira appreciated the views much, but I know she enjoyed the adventure.

Ray Benson Snow Park-7974
Heading back to check in

In fact, she kept heading off exploring with Ripp, so lots of opportunities for dog butt pictures.

Ray Benson Snow Park-7970
Off exploring

Mr. Ripp was becoming a pro at posing by the end of the trip.

Ray Benson Snow Park-7984
Picture perfect smile

Overall, we had a great trip to the snow. Despite having to chain up on the drive (for the first time in 10 years probably), despite breaking a snowshoe on the hike, it was an awesome, relaxing, fun way to spend a day. And I can't wait to go again.

Ray Benson Snow Park-7978
Koira, being adorable. Color version of the photo posted on Sunday


  1. Love the inquisitive expressions on these gorgeous little faces.

  2. I love Koira's coat that you made her! It's so cute!

    It looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. Your photos are just gorgeous! I so wish we had a little of that fun snow here, lol.

  4. Stunning pictures of the beautiful snow scenes. Koira's coat is so colourful and trendy. Happy New Year.

  5. Love the photos! Stunning. I hope to get my two out to the snow some day! Will you be heading to CA for any flyball tournaments this coming year? I am hoping to get my youngster up and running by this year :-)

  6. Very fun! I hope we can go with you next time!