Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Merrick 96% Real Beef

Life managed to get in the way of me getting this June review done in June, rather than July. But I figure late is better than never, right?

Chewy.com sent us a case of Merrick Backcountry 96% Real Beef canned food to test out and review.

While Pallo normally gets kibble with water added, and Koira has been eating mostly raw food, we made sure to test out this canned food as well. Koira got it as part of a meal, along with some frozen mackerel and a couple raw eggs. She loved the food and ate everything, licking the bowl clean. The food also didn't cause any digestive upset, so obviously wasn't full of a bunch of strange ingredients that she never gets.

Pallo got some mixed with his normal kibble (which is a mix of a number of different higher quality foods). He was absolutely crazy about it, and very enthusiastic in eating. He is a strange creature, in that he is very food aggressive toward other dogs, but isn't all that great of an eater even when he is totally alone. Adding the Merrick canned food made sure he cleaned out his bowl without walking away from it, which is great.

The last weekend of June, I had a flyball tournament in Lynden, WA (I'll be posting some about that later). One of my teammates, though, has a dog who is getting up there in years a little bit and as he gets older, he doesn't want to eat while traveling. I offered a can of the Merrick to them to try out to see if we could bribe Wyatt into eating (I had brought the Merrick in the first place in case Pallo tried to refuse his food like he sometimes does while traveling). It worked pretty well. Instead of totally refusing his breakfast, Wyatt ate about 3/4s of it, which was very good for him.

Wyatt may be a senior, but he still has the flyball moves. 

Overall, we really enjoyed the Merrick Backcountry 96% Real Beef and would be happy to continue using it in the future or try some of the other Merrick Backcountry products. Chewy offers seven different Merrick Backcountry canned food options as well as four dry food options, all with the super fast shipping and great customer support that Chewy always offers.

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