Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mackerel for Dinner

Koira is back on raw food after being on kibble for about 9 months. Her muscle tone just hasn't been what I want it to be, and she has been having a hard time gaining any weight at all, so I put her back on raw in hopes that it helps.

So far, her raw diet is a mix of chicken quarters, beef heart, lamb liver, kidney, and heart, and now, mackerel.

Checking out the bowl.

A local raw feeder purchased some mackerel for her dog, who decided she wouldn't touch the stuff. So I was able to buy 15 pounds of it from her for Koira to try out. Luckily, it seems like Koira is willing to eat them!

Nomming on fish
These guys are small enough that a pound of them is about 7-10 fish. I fed them frozen to Koira because years ago when we did whole (large) sardines, Koira wouldn't touch them if they were thawed, but would eat them frozen.

Lots of effort to get through the frozen fish.
I might try letting them thaw a little, though. They were pretty cold while she was eating them, which she didn't seem to appreciate too much.

Just two left to go.
It took a little encouraging for her to eat these, but once I handed her one, she went to town on them. One by one, she plucked them out of the bowl and enjoyed.

Mackerel is surprisingly bloody.
Althogether, I think Koira is doing really good back on a raw diet. She hasn't gained any weight or muscle tone yet, but it hasn't been very long either. We'll give it some more time and hope she starts picking those up soon.

I really, really love this photo of her for some reason. You can't see it, but she has part of a fish in her mouth right here.

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  1. Yumm!
    Good luck with Koira's eating, I hope you can get that weight back on her. Have you added any coconut oil to her diet maybe to aid in digestion and fat?
    Such a cutie! We loved meeting you guys!! Thanks again, and look forward to seeing you in another week!