Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Blue Wilderness Treats

This month, Chewy.com sent us a bag of Blue Wilderness  Training Treats to review for them. Chewy.com is a company that offers dog and cat foods and treats delivered to your door with fast shipping.

March 20-5253
It seemed fitting to photograph these treats out at the beach, since they are labeled as "trail treats"

The treats we are reviewing this month are made by Blue and are called Wilderness Trail Treats. We tried the duck flavor training treats.

March 20-5245
Koira and the bag of treats (4 oz) posing together on the rocks

Pallo's leg got hurt this past week, so while he came to the beach with us and played some, I did put him back in the car to rest for part of the time. Koira ended up getting to review the treats while Pallo took a nap.

March 20-5251
You can see the treat in the air in this picture. Koira is doing a "sit pretty" to earn the treat.

These Wilderness treats are a really nice texture. They are soft without being crumbly or leaving goop on your hands. With Koira's tooth removal earlier this month, she has to eat only soft foods that don't require much chewing. These treats are soft enough that she can eat them, which I like. And which she appreciated.

March 20-5255
Obligatory treat-on-nose shot

Though she is never a big fan of balancing things on her nose, I feel like it gives the best size reference when we do a treat review. Even if you don't know how big my dog is (40 lbs, which is smaller than most people think), it gives some good perspective.

March 20-5248
Koira really likes these treats. And also doesn't want to fall off of the rock.

And don't worry, she gets to eat every treat she has to balance!

Overall, we really liked this product, and would be likely to use it again in the future. The price right now on Chewy.com is $5.52 for a 4 oz bag. If you want the soft treats described, make sure you get the Training Treats, rather than the Biscuits they have in their Wilderness treat line. In addition to being popular with the dogs and being soft enough but not too soft, these treats have a great list of ingredients and are grain free.


  1. These look great - we are always looking for healthy training treats for our perpetual student Charlie!

    BTW, your photos are stunning!

  2. I tried these too and my mutts LOVED them. Great product, though I'd expect no less.

  3. I can appreciate the soft training treats after Koira's tooth removal...our boy Buzz sends his sympathy, as he had to had one of his pearlies removed as well ~ he fractured it while chewing on a beef bone.

    Yikes ~ no more hard chews here at our place ever since!

    P.S. LOVE the review location :-)