Monday, February 16, 2015

Wildlife Safari Village

The Village at Wildlife Safari is a free walk through area of the park. Since the drive through is charged per person, rather than per car, you could go to the park with a group and some could simply enjoy the free village while the rest of the group did the full drive through. Or you could even make the drive just to see the village, though I think you would be missing out on some of the best parts of Wildlife Safari.

Feb 11-4451
There are a lot of red lemurs to see in the Village, and they are some pretty seriously adorable animals.

Feb 11-4418
It was hard not to put in a million pictures of the red lemurs. 

Feb 11-4420
This little guy looked like he wanted something from me.

Feb 11-4620
Coati weren't very active while I was there, and shortly after I snapped this picture, they went back inside. 

A ton of animals are in the Village, including red lemurs, a huge variety of birds, and the cougars and maned wolves I shared photos of earlier.

Feb 11-4717
This funky looking goose was pretty entertaining to watch. 

Feb 11-4693
This was a stunning white peacock. 

Feb 11-4677
I only saw two peacocks, one blue, one white. They had the run of the entire place, and we saw them in various pens, on the pathways, and even in the parking lot. 

Feb 11-4466
Of course this is a bald eagle. 

Feb 11-4431
And since birds will go wherever there is a good place for them, there were a ton of more common birds like ducks.

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  1. What lovely animals :) The red lemurs are very cute :) Milo & Jet