Saturday, December 13, 2014

Santa Photoshoot for Animal Control

This year, I decided to give back a bit by volunteering to shoot photos. Linn County Animal Control is where I adopted Pallo almost five years ago. Back then, they had some pretty appalling euth rates. The past year or so, though, the shelter has really been making some big changes. The kennels have been improved, a play yard was built for the dogs who are staying there, and they have started making a serious effort to transfer animals to other shelters and rescues when they need space. Instead of the hundreds of dogs being euthanized each year (500+) in the past, the progress they have made means that fewer than ten dogs have been euthanized there this year. In addition, they have expanded duties now, and instead of just being dog control, they are animal control, meaning they have to take animals like horses, cows, goats, and other animals sometimes. Of course, all of these changes are amazing, but they all cost money as well. Recently, animal control gained a nearby lot that they are hoping to turn into a larger play yard, holding pens, and stalls for livestock to be temporarily housed.

I was hoping that by volunteering as the photographer for a Christmas photoshoot and asking for donations for Linn County Animal Control that they could get some great donations to help with the awesome work they have been doing. The staff were enthusiastic for the idea and excited to help with getting the entire thing together. They decorated the play yard for the photoshoot and got one of the local officers to dress as Santa for the photos as well.

Linn Co Santa-2943
Pallo with Santa

I think the staff did an amazing job decorating. And having a very dog-savvy Santa, as well as two of my dog-savvy friends coming along as assistants, made the entire thing go nice and smooth. Not a single dog went away without getting their photo taken, even a few who were extremely shy or nervous.

Linn Co Santa-3018
Koira with Santa

And of course, I had to get a few photos of my pups while we were there. Pallo was our test dog at the beginning, to make sure everything was right. And I snuck Koira in during a slower part of the afternoon. I'm pretty thrilled with the photos of my dogs, and I am pretty sure everyone who came is going to be happy with their photos as well. And hopefully the shelter got some great donations from this event.