Saturday, June 14, 2014

WillaMutt Strut

Today, my flyball team was invited to take part in a flyball demo along with Muddy Paws Flyball team. Both of our teams are based in Salem, Oregon, so we all headed down to the riverfront park in Salem to help draw crowds to the Willamette Humane Society fundraiser the WillaMutt Strut.

WillaMutt Strut Demo-2249
Animal House, the lineup Koira wasn't in. The dogs, right to left: Neena, Chester, Ruben, and Zip

Overall, there was a great turn out. The flyball demos were a really big draw and people seemed to really enjoy watching the dogs.

WillaMutt Strut Demo-2345
Koira was a bit derpy, but very happy to play!

WillaMutt Strut Demo-2346
I did mention the derpy-ness, right?

We did I think four demos total. Koira ran in full lineups three times, with five heats each. Pallo ran just once, in a special all-corgi lineup. Since Animal House has a corgi and a corgi mix, and Muddy Paws has two corgis, we did a two-on-two corgi matchup. It was basically total corgi chaos, with no dog actually doing anything right pretty much the entire time. But the crowd loved it.

WillaMutt Strut Demo-2282
Pallo had a ton of fun, even if his participation was more the equivalent of the clown act at the circus than a serious demonstration of our sport.

Overall, the dogs had fun, the people had fun, the spectators had fun, and the humane society raised some much needed money to help continue to feed, house, and find homes for the dogs and cats in need in our area. And we have long ago accepted the fact that at demonstrations, even the best trained flyball dog tends to crash and burn. Instead of being upset, we just embrace it. After all, the crowd loves watching the dogs mess up!


  1. Corgi-on-corgi sounds like my kind of Flyball match... and pleasing the crowd without really getting anything done sounds just so very corgi! At least your dogs got a lot done.

  2. I've always enjoyed watching the demo dogs at events! Someday I'd love to BE one of those demo dogs with my own crew. How fun for Koira and Pallo to get a chance!