Wednesday, April 30, 2014 review for April

Me and my dogs seriously love doing reviews for We get the chance to try out new and different products, many of which aren't available locally, and then we get to share the awesomeness with you guys, our readers.

For April, we were sent some Wellness Petite Treats to try out. The turkey, pomegranate, and ginger flavor that we were sent was a big hit. The treats have a strong smell, but it is a sort of fruity smell that even the humans don't object to. The dogs went nuts. My dogs loved these treats. They actually loved them so much that I spent about an hour looking for the other size treat dispensing piece of our Manner's Minder (a remote control training device that dispenses treats), hoping to find the one with larger holes so I could use the Petite Treats in the MM for training. Unfortunately, the treats are just a tiny bit too big to work with the MM, which I was a bit bummed about. But that is seriously the only downside to these treats that I have found. If you've never worked with a MM before, that means these treats are about the size of some of the larger kinds of kibble.

Well, okay, there was one other downside, but it was a pretty hilarious one. Since the treats didn't fit in the MM, I brought them along to flyball practice to use as rewards. I normally use toys to reward at flyball, but I like using treats for certain drills, and I like to switch it up every once in a while just for kicks. (Honestly, I want my dogs to be able to go out and play even if I forget their special toy- I want them to be able to go out and play with any toy or treat I happen to have with me!) But, while the Petite Treats worked great as rewards for my dogs- I also ended up distracting the other dogs who were practicing. Not just the green dogs either, though I did distract one green dog. The experienced dogs who have never had a problem with any other handler having treats in the ring were all running over to me and sniffing the ground for dropped crumbs, hoping desperately for a bite. Luckily my teammates were amused rather than annoyed! They made sure to take note of the brand and flavor so that they have the absolute best dog treats in the world next time. These treats are so good that they helped catch a Pharaoh Hound at lure coursing practice who decided, after his run for the lure, that he would rather run laps around the field.

In any case, these treats really are seriously awesome, as is Shipping is always quick and right to your door. (The first time I tried, I did have a slight issue with the shipping, but it turned out to be due to confusion on the part of the delivery driver, which was solved after I introduced myself to him one day and showed him exactly where my door is. Since then, all packages from have arrived super fast right to my doorstep.) These treats are only 4.49 for a 6-oz bag, which contains over 100 treats. I plan to order more, and possibly even try one of the three other flavors. And I know my flyball teammates plan to pick some up!

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