Monday, February 17, 2014

Quick Update

I was super busy all weekend, but wanted to post a quick update on Koira.

She is doing great on the steroids. The effect wasn't immediate from them, but she is moving much easier and wanting to be active. She isn't allowed to be, though. Vet's instructions are for her to remain a mellow house pet until she is finished with the steroids. At that point, we will be able to slowly increase activity. Even swimming, normally the only activity an injured dog can do, is out, since she would still have to keep her neck and head above water, which might stress the injured muscles. She doesn't really approve of this plan. I have no way of explaining to her that it is for her own good. I am hopeful that with the proper rehab she will be back to her old self and be able to do all of her favorite things again.

Pallo is doing good as well. His flyball practices have been showing the occasional spinning before the start line, but overall he is doing pretty good. Which is good, since he now gets to fill in for Koira in California this weekend. Everything might fall apart, but we'll hope for the best and we'll have fun, and that is what really matters with it, right?

Also, this is the week that I slacked badly in the photography department. The only thing I took a picture of with my actual camera is the broken latch to my new dog crate (well, broken latches, plural). The shots above are from this weekend, but were taken with the rather questionable camera on my cell phone, simply because the dogs were being cute at the time. I even had a whole plan last week for a cute Valentine themed photoshoot on Thursday, but it all fell apart when Koira got hurt. The pups did get a new bed yesterday, though, so maybe I'll catch some cute pictures of them curled up in that.


  1. The first thing I noticed in this post is that the pictures aren't as amazing as they usually are. The models are cute as per usual, but you know what I mean :P

    Glad to hear Koira is doing better on the meds.

  2. Heal quick Koira so you can be back to doing crazy things again-sending well wishes your way.

  3. Hi Koira
    Where glad to hear your improving on the medicines that the Vet people gave you :) Where sending you some POTP so can get better even faster. Milo & Jet