Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cartoonized Dogs

A friend of mine shared a cartoonized version of her dog on Facebook, and I just had to try it out myself. There are a lot of options to help you customize your dog, but certain unique things like Koira's martini glass face markings and Pallo's corgi body with drop ears aren't available. I still think it is super fun to cartoonize my dogs, and I love the end results!

Here's the cartoon American Staffordshire Terrier I made at Cartoonize My Pet!
Cartoonize My Pet

It is absolutely free to go to the website and customize your own cartoon version of your dog. I am getting nothing for sharing this (other than amusement at my funny looking dogs), and they are totally unaware that I even exist, let alone that I am writing anything about them.

Here's the cartoon Cardigan Welsh Corgi I made at Cartoonize My Pet!
Cartoonize My Pet

It is after Thanksgiving now, so I am totally allowed to start sharing Christmas stuff!

If you decide to cartoonize your dog, please share it with me in the comments, I would love to see everyone's pets!


  1. This is so fun! They are having a problem with their links so they are really long but here they are.





  3. Your dogs look great. :D What a fun idea!

  4. OH! This looks like fun - thanks!
    ~Bark'n About