Friday, June 7, 2013

FitDog Friday

I've been busy with work, life, and roller derby this week, so the dogs haven't been getting as much crazy attention as they are used to. That doesn't mean we aren't getting out and doing things, though. This week, we mostly played games of fetch at the park down the street, but added in some trick training (backing onto a slanted board, getting four feet into a container, balancing a cookie on the nose until released) as well.

It is much harder to both throw the toy and get decent pictures than you might think. Or at least, it is for me. I might just be really bad at it though. That should never be eliminated from possibility.

The retrieve
And I will say, between throwing the ball and holding a Canon T4i with a 70-300mm lens in one hand, playing fetch at the park is something of a workout for me as well. My wrist muscles are going to get all bulky if I keep shooting one handed with that lens!

Getting the ball first
Don't worry, Pallo was there too. I just mostly only got blurry or super dopey pictures of him this time out. And really, there are only so many dopey pictures of Pallo with a Grinz ball that need to be posted to the internet before it gets old.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this Grinz ball, by the way? Both of my dogs totally love it, Koira even has had a few major chew sessions with it, and it still looks this amazing. I might end up buying one of every color of the rainbow, except that this one is still so perfect looking, I don't have any need for more of them!

A tired dog is a happy dog

And at the end of the day, the statement is always true: A tired dog is a happy dog! Go out and have some fun with your pups!


  1. Taking pictures while throwing a ball is difficult for me too. Definitely a work out. ;) You got some great shots though! That ball is too funny. Love it!

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  2. I agree, too! Throwing the ball and shooting with a big lens is pretty darn tough! My 70-200 is heavy enough! I can't imagine anything bigger. Have you tried a monopod? Easier to carry along than a tripod....

  3. So true - wish my guys liked playing fetch as much as yours! Great photo of Koira with the grinz ball...and her little crooked smile. Thanks for joining the Hop!

  4. I think the pictures are great! I think I can almost see someone's tonsils! BOL. This looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for joining FitDog Friday with such a great fitness activity!

  5. A simple game of fetch, is such a great way to burn off extra energy. My second favorite game, after tug-o-war!


  6. Great pictures! I love the Grinz ball too, it's awesome! I'd really love to get a good picture of Kaya jumping in the air for her ball but I'm finding it basically impossible to get the timing right and if I'm holding the camera up I always bounce it wrong anyways:/

  7. However hard it was it was worth it! Those pictures are btter than any of mine!
    Dina Mom

  8. Your photos are amazing, I wonder what you could do with 2 hands!! I try and throw sticks for Frankie at the beach and take photos but by the time I wipe my hands on my pants before taking the photo he's already back!! I need an assistant, lol. I'd love to try one of those balls with Frankie, he'd be a real test of it's character!!