Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Baby Girl!

Koira, my little Martini Girl, is turning five tomorrow. I can't believe it.

Here is the picture of Koira that was posted on Craigslist. I was a college student living in an apartment that didn't allow animals. I already had a cat who wasn't allowed, had ended a bad relationship a couple months earlier, and felt like getting a puppy. I didn't do the research or careful planning that I should have done. But this face was irresistible to me.

This next picture is one of the only two pictures, along with the one above, that I have of Koira before I brought her home. I have no other pictures of her first 8 weeks of life, so these are truly her baby pictures.

Little one and sibling

The day I picked Koira up. This picture has made it onto the blog a number of times. I celebrate Koira's Gotcha Day every year, and this is her Gotcha Day picture. She was a squirming little bundle of high energy puppy, smelling of puppy breath and faintly of pee. I had not planned to get a puppy, and had no idea of the adventures that were to come. Koira was the first of the litter of 6 puppies to go to her new home. I was so torn between them all (especially the other tri color, a male), but in the end, it just had to be her.


And Koira, bundled in her first sweater (which barely fits on a grown human's arm it is so tiny!), sleeping the day away. I believe this is the day she got her first round of puppy shots. She was wiped out for the entire day, poor thing.


Don't you just love the white on her nose? As an adult, the only white left is a few spots inside her nostrils, but as a pup, her nose was all spotty and adorable.


This was Koira's first doggie friend. A friend of mine in college saw my new puppy and just had to have one of her own. She picked this little girl up a couple weeks after I got Koira, and they played together regularly.

Tug of war

Koira used to fit on my shoulder. Who'd have imagined?


Our first trip to the beach. Koira has always loved the beach beyond reason. I love the total joy in her when we get out on the sand, and I can't resist running and playing with her all over again, just like she was still a little puppy.

My darling little girl. I can't believe you are turning five years old. And I can't believe how far we have come together.



  1. Happy Birthday

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Woof! Woof! SWEET! Happy 5th Birthday! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Happy Birthday! What an adorable puppy. No wonder you were torn between all of them. Those ears are ridiculous! My pups love running in the sand too, what is it?

  4. Happy Wagging Birthday! I too turned 5 this year... It goes by so fast!

  5. Happy 5th Bday!! Wow...what an adorable puppy she was. The other one in her litter is so freaking cute too. How could you ever choose! That is one thing I love about the blogs...we can keep a great deal of memories we share here.

  6. I love all the baby pics! That's one thing I wish we had...seeing them when they were young. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy B-Day, Koira!

    They say time flies when you are having fun...It flies even faster when you have a dog you love!

  8. Wow, a secret puppy in college -- that's awesome. She looks SO CUTE with her little martini glass as a puppy!!

    It's crazy to think that Koira probably just flipped your whole life on its head. What kind of person would you be without her?

    Happy Birthday Koira!

  9. Happy birthday, Koira! What great photos! Koira was irresistible--of course you had to have her! I fell in love with Wrigs after seeing an online photo too (Petfinder). I can't imagine how you kept her a secret from your landlords, though! I'd give anything to have puppy pictures of Wrigs. He was a stray captured by Animal Control as an adult, so I know nothing about his early life.

  10. Such a beauty. Happy birthday, Koira!
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  11. Happy birthday, Koira! You sure were a cute pup, but you only get better!

  12. Just when I thought she couldn't get ANY cuter, you go and post puppy pictures. Awww!