Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fun in the Sun

As temperatures hit the 100s for the first time this summer, me and the dogs hit the river for some relief.

277. "Feeling Friday" How are you and your dog feeling today? Show us with a photo! - last day Aug 9

276. "In Black and White" Take a black and white photo of your dog today. Feel free to take creative liberties! - last day Aug 8

Everyone keep cool this weekend!


  1. It's been stinkin' hot where I live for a long while now....If you aren't out just plain aren't out!

  2. Loving the b/w pic - nice portrait! *waggy tail*

  3. Great water shot - both the color and black & white!

  4. It's been miserable here too

  5. The dogs look like they're feelin' good. I hope you had a chance to cool off, too!

  6. Gorgeous photographs (as usual). This is the first weekend that it hasn't been horribly hot, so we took advantage of it with a morning at the farmer's market and an afternoon walk! Have a great weekend. :)