Sunday, December 26, 2010

The day after Christmas

Well, its the day after Christmas. Me and the dogs had a good one, traveling to my sister's place. She did a big Christmas Eve dinner with her inlaws, me, and our mom, and then Christmas morning was just us.

It was Pallo's first Christmas with me, since I got him last February.
He is getting a good deal better at posing for me.
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He is also a first class present opener. The pets always get presents in my family, so each of my dogs had four toys wrapped up as well as a bully stick each. Pallo got the hang of unwrapping his presents really fast, pinning them down with his paws and ripping up pieces of the paper. No pictures of it since I was supervising making sure the paper pieces were spit back out, not swallowed.

Koira has always been a great model for pictures. She sits still, looks straight at the camera, and seems to enjoy it for the most part.

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Of course, you get even bigger pit bull smiles if you take pictures right after running the dogs at the dog park for an hour.

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Koira is getting really good with the frisbee lately since we have added it to our playing routine. We've made a pretty big fool of ourselves for the past two years in frisbee competitions, but this summer I think we might actually do pretty good.

And of course, the dogs played tug with one of their new Christmas toys, ripping the tiny little Santa hat right off the hedgehog it belonged to. Meaning, of course, that I had to put the tiny little hat on the dogs and take pictures.

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Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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